Join The Urban Well Movement

Join us in saving our environment, and conserving our depleted water supply by helping to restore unused drinking water fountains to make it viable again. Commercial buildings, governmental offices, municipalities, universities, and schools all have these unfiltered, unsanitized drinking fountains that are not used, because straight tap water can contain more lead, and contaminants than filtered water. Not to mention that tap water is not very tasty either. Additionally, drinking fountains are not cleaned, thus exposing people to germs that collect on those spouts. 

These drinking fountains can be made useful again with Urban Well Retrofit Kits, and Maintenance Plans. Our retrofit kits make it easy to drink directly from the fountains or fill a container with cleaned, filtered water for the road. We maintain these units to keep all parts functioning in perfect condition, and keep it cleaned to minimize the spread of germs. Contact us to convert these drinking fountains in your buildings into attractive, clean, filtered drinking fountains for clients, employees, and the public to enjoy. 


Urban Well's Contact Information

Telephone: (714) 522 – 7500
Address: 2973 HARBOR BLVD #198