Urban Well Drinking Fountain Maintenance

Urban Well Drinking Fountains in parks and office buildings will be the gold standard of future drinking fountains, as our logo represents a well maintained and sanitized drinking fountain. Each unit includes a Maintenance Program to keep it at peak performance. Say good-bye to the question, "Is this drinking fountain clean and safe for me to drink from". Just look for the Urban Well logo, as it depicts the following:  
  • The drinking fountain is sanitized daily 
  • We guarantee the water filtration system on each unit is maintained to an optimal level
  • Water from Urban Well fountains are the best available public drinking water
  • The bottle filler is an option available to easily fill cups or bottles

Make a Bold Move. Make a movement to "Save Our Environment by Reducing Water Bottle Waste"! Join the Urban Well Revolution and "Save The World One Drinking Fountain At A Time!". Contact us at (714) 522-7500 for more information. 

Urban Well Filtered Drinking Fountain - Better Than Bottled